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LEGO Globe


Thank You

This is my second project that reaches 100 supporters - on the same day my Desert Skiff did :-) - and thats only because of you guys! Thank you for supporting this model, it really means a lot to me. Now, We have got 365 days to reach the next milestone, 1000 supporters.

If you want to support this project, beyond clicking the "support"-button and filling out the little survey, please share this project with friends.

Maybe, just maybe, this will become a official LEGO-Set one day...


Improved inner skeleton

I Updated the inside of the globe so that it would be more stable and carry the weight.


More Realistic Landmasses and Better Curvature


First of all, I improved the landmasses, so they would look more realistic.                                                                                                                                     

   - In the picture below you can see the 6 sides next to each other (from left to right: America, Africa and Europe, Asia and Australia). Note: it does not look like a normal map since those are stretched and morphed. That's why South America for example is bent towards the East.

I also changed and added a few parts so that the overall form is more spherical                                                                                                        

    - The picture below shows both the old and new version next to each other


Furthermore I updated the Stand a little, replacing the small 3-hole-technic part with a 3x1 flat tile, and changing the column just above the pedestal.


I hope you like the update, stay tuned for more ;-)