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Roleplaying & Mystery

This Idea represents those magical moments among friends playing role-playing or board games, where the atmosphere created by the space is just another part of the game.
Role-playing & Mystery combines reality and fiction, recreating a perfect environment for mystery and adventure games.
The room is full of little details related to the world of role-playing games, and if you look closely, you will be able to identify some of the most recognizable themes.

The construction combines the interior and exterior of the building, revealing the details of the outer corridor and the facade.

Are real the monsters from other dimensions, or have they been created by the imagination of the players?
The scene is completed by a hidden room, full of secrets, which can only be accessed through the door that appears when you slide the armour. This room includes books and objects of magic, alchemy and astronomy.
This Idea is completed with several minifigures that reflect that group of friends that we will always have good memories of, where diversity and a passion for creating new worlds unite us.

This set is for all ages, whether you are a LEGO fan or a board game and role-playing game enthusiast. Full of details, this set allows the interaction with different elements, the bookcase, the armour or the position of the hidden room accessed from the secret door, and with the great variety of furniture included.

No matter the game or the type of adventure, the aim is to have fun and share it with friends.

Thank you for your support!

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