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Lego Furnishings - The Palace Light House - Table Lamp


My idea is 'Lego Furnishings' demonstrated by this first model; the Palace Lighthouse.

It's designed as a lamp as part of my idea for a range of 'Lego Furnishings' - Lego with a practical application.

My favourite Lego system is and always has been the Castle range. This model is inspired by the Castle range with a different, more contemporary design aspect. I have used the traditional Castle form factor, but with elements of the Japanese anime aesthetic along with a steam punk element. I believe this has a created a unique design which is not only practical, but lovely to look at.

My hope for both this model, and this range, is that it would be something that everyone would want to have in their homes as an accessory. A practical accessory that a partner or family member of the Lego enthusiast would be happy to have in their living room or bedroom. 

Thank you very much for viewing my idea and I hope you like it.

- Simon

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