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Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Before I talk about this project, I want to thank the thousands of people that have gotten this project to 10,000 supporters not just once, but twice! Thank you so very much to all 20,000 supporters, we're really showing LEGO that we want this set to happen! As the creator of this project, I feel it's my obligation to provide the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a voice, as long as someone wants this set to be made, I'll have this project here for them to support!

I present to you, the rebranded and slightly polished Brooklyn Nine-Nine LEGO Ideas Project.

This set includes:
Iconic Locations
Holt's Office, Break Room, Kitchen, Printer Room, and of course, the Bullpen

The Squad and Friends
This set comes with 11 iconic characters from the show:
  • Jake Peralta,
  • Amy Santiago,
  • Raymond Holt,
  • Terry Jeffords,
  • Rosa Diaz,
  • Charles Boyle
  • Gina Linetti
  • Michael Hitchcock
  • Norm Scully
  • Doug Judy (the Pontiac Bandit)
  • Kevin Cozner

Easter Eggs
The set is packed full of Easter eggs, whether it's the unique custom printed accessories for the minifigures, or the hidden Easter eggs around the set.
My personal favourites include:
  • Terry's portrait of Holt,
  • Kwazy Kupcakes on Gina's favourite thing in life (beside herself); her phone,
  • Terry's yoghurt,
  • Boyle's mother-dough,
  • Rosa and Jake's favourite films!
  • Details on all of the squad's desks 
  • The fluffy boy: Cheddar
  • Algernon (Jake's rat)
  • Hitchcock and Scully’s chocolate and cheese fountains, yuck…
  • And much more!

About the Idea
This set comes in at a little over 1,500 pieces, with the bulk of this piece count coming from small 2x2 tiles used for the flooring. This smooth floor is perfect for anyone aiming on recreating the full bullpen!

In 2021, 10,000 amazing people got this project to 10,000 supporters and in to the 3rd review of 2021! Unfortunately, it didn't make it all the way through and was not approved in favour of some truly amazing sets. In 2022-2023, we tried again, with fans rallying to support the set once again. The message is clear, LEGO, the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are dedicated to making a LEGO Brooklyn Nine-Nine set a reality!

So if you're a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: give this your support! Let’s get this set back to 10,000 supporters and see if we can get it approved this time! Third time is the charm!


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