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The Dimension Explorers & The Dangerous Dimension


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The Dimension Explorers & The Dangerous Dimension

Paul, Hana and Jeff were very anxious in the secret warehouse. The CSW (Criminal Society of War) have found them! They don't know what to do to hide the JDM (Jet Dimension Voyager), the Paul's fantastic and unique invention last week, on 2151. This is the first jet which can go through other parallel worlds, other dimensions.

After a minute, they chose their ultime solution: go into a dimension with the JDM. But when Paul was in the jet with his robot Y6K3, the soldiers entered and tried to stop them, prevented by Hana and Jeff.

Fortunately, the JDM managed to go into another dimension, but the jet was damaged and they crached. When he went out of the jet and saw four pairs of eyes, he realized that they were not alone...”


The set and the theme is my original idea and is not based on an intellectual property, such as a book, graphic novel, video game, TV show, or movie. I think it could be also a great addition in other themes like Star Wars, Space, Lego Agents... 


The JDM, general characteristics

Maximum speed: 4900 km/h

Armament: two guns

Energy uses: Nequatron DYG, a new and powerfull energy

Other characteristics:

  • It can be piloted by one person with a robot like Paul' robot (Y6K8),

  • It has two compartiments where we can put some weapons and accessories,

  • And it can fly in space.


In the set, there are:

-a lot of characters with their accessories (weapons, accessories...): Paul Defrantson, Hana, Jeff, the robot Y6K3, Paul Defrantson of the primevale dimension (who helps Paul Defrantson to survive and to repare the JDM), and two soldiers of the CSW.

-the warehouse,

-the JDM,

-Hana's motorbike,

-Paul's (of the primevale dimension) wooden house,

-two dronosaurs,

-a ladder,

-and a pedestal where the characters can be exposed.


I hope that you like the set and the design. Thanks for all the supporters who have sheared the project to their friends and for all the supporters who have voted and will vote. 


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