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Westfalia Trailer {for Volkswagen T-1 Camper #10220}

This is a color coordinated Westfalia trailer for the Volkswagen T-1 Camper (model 10220).

It has a little over 250 bricks and the layout lends itself quite well to a variety of customization options. These include not only which utensils to add but what containers or other items you might choose put in the large storage area. As an accessory piece to a pre-existing Lego model it really looks great on display. However, construction is sturdy and very "playable" so you can enjoy it any way you want!!

This little gem looks even better when it's assembled using genuine Lego bricks!!!

They look great together!

The wheels spin independently so movement is very free-flowing.

There is plenty of space for "optional" extras inside.

It slips into the bumper area of #10220 with only a tiny modification.

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