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Martian City


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It is the year 2186 and the human race continues to expand the borders of its empire. Soon after the first space colony was established on the moon, settlements began to be constructed on the red planet. Thanks to the latest plasma rocket-propulsion technology, shipments to Mars arrive weekly, allowing the new cities to grow at a rapid rate. Where will this new age take us?

I am delighted to present to you my first* product idea: Martian City! 

I love all things space and sci-fi which inspired me to build this: even if cities like this are now a mere fantasy, in the far future they may be a reality. If that seems too long to wait for you why not have your own much sooner, in Lego form! Your support will bring that reality one step closer!

The model features:
  • 8 (1 large and 7 small) force-field domes including: the central habitation dome where the population of the city lives, 2 scientific research areas, a water-purification dome, an electricity generation dome with solar panels, an agricultural dome, a vegetation dome and a water storage area. 
  • The main entrance gate where shipments and people enter and exit the complex.
  • An array of satellite dishes sending and receiving important transmissions between Earth and Mars.
  • A small landing pad where rocket shuttles carry passengers between the surface and large, long-distance freighters.
  • One of these freighters carrying cargo and a shuttle to Mars.
  • The rocky and mountainous terrain that the city is constructed on.

I originally built and submitted this model for the 'Moments in Space' contest when it was open and I am now submitting it as a product idea. Since then I have rendered one of the images (the main image that you see) and also taken the original images from LDD which show more angles and the model with the transparent domes removed. 

I think this would make a great, small (built on a 16x16 plate) and cheap set that is fun and imaginative. As well as looking good on display, I think it would also be fun to play with (who wouldn't want to fly rocket ships in to land on a futuristic base on Mars?) There is also an element of customisation as the things inside the domes can be whatever you want so can be repeatedly changed with your own micro-builds. This would also make a very unique small set as it is very different to anything Lego has released recently.

Thank you for reading about my Martian City! I would really appreciate you supporting my idea and leaving a comment about what you like or think could be improved about the model! Let's get this to 10,000, or maybe just focus on getting past 100 first!

Thank you!


* This is my first product idea submission on this account, however I have been on Lego Ideas before. My old profile was lost and couldn't be recovered by the Lego Ideas team. This was one of a few product ideas on my old profile which I am resubmitting. In the next few weeks I'm going to be doing the same with a couple of other product ideas so be sure to stay tuned for those!  

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