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Board Game "The Explorers"

Let's go on an exciting journey of discovery together. With this board game for 2-4 players you become explorers and researchers. A great board game for the whole family.

My Lego Set idea is a board game this time. I'am happy to show you the great trips you can make with "The Explorers". The journey begins in the laboratory. You will travel through 5 research areas during the game. A board game for players aged 4 to 99.

The rules:
NOTE: In picture 8 you can see the numbers of dice and special dice.

The goal is simple. The player who ends the research trip first wins. But a lot of great things happen on the trip.

Start the game:

For example, the youngest player can begin the game. Or the player with the highest number of dice. Now each player follows the path on the normal fields. As soon as you come to a explorer field, it becomes exciting.

Explorer field:

Now the player must roll the special dice. The following can happen:

Tell about your discovery: 
This option is two times on the special dice. There is an arrow in front of the explorer field. This arrow points to a discovery. Now the player on the field tell something interesting about the discovery. With young players, the older players can help. With a great statement about the discovery, the player can advance 3 fields.

Go ahead 2 fields:
This option is one time on the special dice. Take the shuttle and go 2 fields ahead.

Take a break:
OhOh it is an exhausting journey. You need a break. Suspend a round. This option is two times on the special dice.

This option is one time on the special dice. It can bedangerous on the trip. You can reset an opponent 1 field back.

Experienced players can also change the direction or make certain rules more difficult.

My idea:

I spontaneously had this idea for a new great Lego board game. So you can build the board game as a family and then play together. So you can discover things together and have fun with this board game.

The set has a modular structure and consists of 598 Lego bricks. This idea could also be converted and expanded by everyone. As so often, there are no limits to your imagination.

I thank you for your support. I hope it will be a new Legoset and many families can discover the world of research and science together.

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