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Ollie the Dragon


Hello, and thanks for checking out my build!

Ollie is the loveable, adorable, extreeeemely huggable mascot of LEGOLAND, and you’ll often see him dancing around the park and greeting children.

Ollie has brought joy to kids for many many years and this is why I think he deserves to be brought back to a broader audience, and the BrickHeadz format is just perfect for the little guy, I mean just look at him!

LEGO will not approve a BrickHeadz Ideas model to my knowledge, but maybe with enough votes they’ll take notice and make one on their own, that’s all I really want.

I’ve included an alternate expression with big puppy eyes, eyebrows and his tongue sticking out, just for fun!

I hope you like it, and if so please consider voting for it! Have a great day!

Number of parts for the primary model: 127

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