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Brick Tower


This is a very simple game based on the simple action of connecting bricks, nothing very complex until the gravity and other players mess around with your building.


- Each player start with 20 bricks.

- Each player, in turn, rolls the dice and mount on the tower or base the number of bricks indicated by the sum of the numbers rolled. 

- If the number of bricks is greater than one, the player will have to assemble them together and then places them together in the towers.

- The player can hold the tower until everything it's mounted, but he or she can not mount other bricks that he got on his turn .

-The player can place only one brick per floor, and only on the last floor.

- Once the bricks are all mounted on the tower the player will have to wait a few seconds to check the stability of the tower, and then the turn passes to the next player.

- Any brick that falls or collapses the tower will be for the player who is playing.

- The player with no more bricks win the game.

Waht's inside the box:

- Base.
- Dice
- 80 Bricks

Estimated time:

- 15-30min


- 2/3/4

This game is the first concept i came out, I'm still playing the game with several different people to see if the rules, the amount of bricks per player and the estimated time are correct and applies to most people.

If you want to try and give your opinion and / or suggestions on how to improve the game please leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate.

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