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Minecraft Battle Packs - The Lava Cave

This is my second LEGO Minecraft battle pack idea which includes common enemies found in caves. I know that they are also found above ground but I like having the different scenery. I'll explain the different parts of this project below.

Here we see a fence, two zombies and a skeleton archer. The 1x1 plates in front of the zombie is rotton flesh and the brown cone in front of the archer is an arrow.

In this shot we can see an additional zombie and skeleton. You may notice that there are only five Micro-Mobs in this set and six in my other. This is because of all the extra scenery.

Finally, this is a close up of the lava fall; a sight commonly seen in large shafts and caves. around it I have made obsidian with some studs on in to stop your characters falling over.

Thank you for viewing this project. Please have a look at my others and support them if you wish. Please comment your opinion and ideas for improvement in the comment section.

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