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Office Tower

Welcome to the downtown offices of an architect, an engineer, and a construction manager. This is a four-story building designed to work well with other LEGO modular city sets.

The first floor has an ample lobby with a fountain, modern art, comfy chairs, and a security desk. A grand spiral stair connects to the upper floors and is housed in a four-story glass atrium. John the security guard has checked in Jeannie who is an executive having a new building designed and constructed.

At the second-floor visitors are greeted by Mary who gets them all signed in. Behind the reception area is where you will find a kitchenette with a coffee maker, microwave, and a water cooler. Around the corner is the printer/plotter for the large format plans needed in construction. 

The third floor is stunning. Here is where you will find the office of the construction manager. Shelly (the construction manager) and has a nickname of “Doc”. Because she can fix any construction ailment. The impressive wood desk is an effective work area. Doc’s hard hat and construction safety vest are ready and waiting to be used on the next site visit. A side table holds a set of plans and specs. A large conference table is used for meetings and has a monitor for displaying potential designs.

The architect and engineer are housed on the top floor. This floor is divided into two spaces. The CAD drafting area and a small collaborative design meeting space. The drafting area has an old parallel ruler drafting table, because Dave the architect likes to design by hand. Pat the engineer likes to work in the collaboration area and use the large monitor mounted on the decorative glass block wall dividing the space.  Dave has chosen De Stijl art for the wall. Above is a large sky light that provides excellent lighting for the space. A ladder is mounted to the wall for access to the roof, where several building heating and cooling units may need to be serviced.

The set was built to connect and work with the LEGO Creator Expert modular city buildings. I wanted to build a set that used a more modern architectural style. This build gave me the opportunity to use modern elements including ribbon windows, a recessed entry, slim columns, a sky light, and a glass atrium with a stair. A goal was also to create a unique theme, I don’t recall ever seeing a set every highlighting an architect, engineer, or construction manager's office. This set was built to be contemporary, unique and modular.

I included a photo of an alternate building color. Brick Yellow tiles are changed to Sand Yellow tiles for a slightly different look…

Oh my gosh! This would make a great set! The photos show how well it fits in with other modular buildings. The images show the Office Tower on a corner with Assembly Square on one side and the Police Station on the other. Note the way the Office Tower meets the bakery building by leaving a small gap, and thus not crowding it.  Also, the alley creates space for the ribbon windows to meet another building like the Police Station. The building has many playable areas. The front plaza, lobby, stair, reception area, kitchenette, plotter area, CM office, architect/engineer office and roof provide a lot of options for creative play. And they have the detail to trigger imaginative play. The many different roles the minifig characters have add to the playability of this set as well. Finally, this building type, use and style are new to the LEGO modular building theme, and this freshness would make this a popular set. The Office Tower would be a great set!


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