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Band Concert Stage


The music is great !!! But live music is even better! There is nothing more pleasant than going to a concert to see your favorite band or singer playing your favorite songs.

With this LEGO set you can re-create a concert with an electric guitarist-singer, a pianist, a bassist / acoustic guitarist, a drummer and a sound engineer.


I am a fan of music. One day I built some LEGO instruments with pieces I had at home for some minifigures and
put them together on a shelf. But I thought making a stage for those minifigures would be a good idea. After building it, I thought that thousands of people around the world love concerts and love LEGO, so maybe this could be a great set. After that I added a few items that would make it better, and that was it ... LEGO stage completed.

About the set:

It has around 360 pieces (not counting the minifigures).

It has 6 LEGO instruments (an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a bass, an acoustic piano, an electric piano and drums).

It has a bass stand, an electric guitar stand, and an acoustic guitar stand.

It has 6 speakers (4 on the floor and 2 on the top).

It has 3 sound effect pedals.

Consists of 5 minifigures (a singer-electric guitarist, a pianist, an acoustic bass guitarist, a drummer and a sound engineer).

As I said before, I really like music, and I know people around the world love it too, which makes this set good for everyone. If you are a music lover like me and would like to have a LEGO stage in your home, what are you waiting for? click the support button.

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