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GOLDEN SUN - Lemurian Ship


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Golden Sun - The Lost Age

This ship is used when the group travels in Golden Sun - The Lost Age. It has the Black Orb as a power source and flies using the Wings of Anemos, all of which are included in this build!
There are four main pieces on this ship, the front, the wings, the back and the tower on top. All of these are detachable to give an entry to the ship. They are connected with technic connectors. The decks are also detachable because the mostly rest on flat pieces. By doing this I have created space to re-enact some of the game.

I tried to stay as close to this colorscheme as possible. Some of the detail has been lost, of course, but I managed to save the dragonhead and several other features. Overall, I would say that the ship is a really fun build and it's pretty awesome!

The inside of the ship:
- In the front is the engine room with the Black Orb. There is room to stage the fight against Hydra! You can remove the deck quite easily, it is held in place by few pieces
- The middle section houses the wings and their mechanics (no detachable deck)
- The back has a detachable deck  and it reveals a large space where the equipment of the travellers can be stored.
- The tower has an entrance which leads to a stairway to the lower deck.

Watch how the sections can be put together with just a few pins! Every piece has it's own unique features. This picture really shows off the tower, which is a interesting piece of lego because it has so many directions! 

This picture shows the mechanic with which you can control the wings. By turning the wheel above, you will spin these gears which in turn alter the position of the wing. The idea behind this is that the wings have a stationary position, close to the hull of the ship, and an active position in which they are spread more. At first I tried to have you modify both rotation of the wing and position, but they are now depenent of each other. It was not possible to turn everything in LDD due to the amount of parts turning I guess, but it will function.

I hope you like the project!

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