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Coruscant Airspeeder

This is the airspeeder used by Anakin and Obi-Wan in Star Wars episode II Attack Of The Clones to pursue Zam Wessel after she attempts to kill senator Amidala. Lego made one of these in 2002 with yellow faced figures. I build this new one myself. The old one also had Zam Wessel's airspeeder but if it was included it would be too pricey. The engines are made with astromech droid bodies but I think lego would add stickers or printed bricks to resemble the actual engines. It isn't perfect but it would be popular. It could be popular with little kids because they can fly it about and play with it but it could also be good for older builders who could add it to their star wars collection.

This shows the cargo space which is big enough to fit their lightsabers inside along with anything else a jedi might need. It is 6 pieces wide and 3 long. The lid is held on by four blobs which make it easy to remove while keeping it from falling off.

These are the minifigures that I thought could go with the set but lego could add or take away any.
•Obi Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight) - Wears a brick yellow (# 5) coloured Jedi tunic and carries a blue lightsaber. He has shoulder length hair in the dark orange colour (# 38) and a bearded face.

•Anakin Skywalker (Padawan) - Wears a reddish brown (# 192) Jedi tunic and carries a blue lightsaber. He has a determined expression and dark orange hair.

•Senator Padmé Amidala - This is not really what she looks like in the film because it is hard to see what she is wearing but lego could do a much better job than I have. She has dark brown (# 308) hair and a double sided head with an alarmed expression and a relaxed one.

I build this model from scratch and am not requesting a re-release but requesting a new one to be built. Other builders have done the same.

This is the droid which tries to kill the senator. In the film Obi Wan jumps and grabs onto it so it has handles. It is held up with transparent pieces (not in the picture due to bad quality software).

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