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Dragon's Marsh


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You and the king's knights are looking for gold in enemy territory controlled by evil and greedy dragon. But the gold is in the dragon's den and you want the shiny gemstones too. Hurry up! Who first will find you? Enemy patrol or the dragon?

Set includes 182 bricks and 4 minifigures. I designed it for easy building. The types of bricks and their color were picked to be at least in pairs - for better use in another building. The tree has solid construction so you can remove it by grabbing its twig. You can assemble marsh parts in multiple ways. The bricks "Flat Tile with a stud" were used for better moving with minifigures and playing stories in the marsh. You can also climb the tree and sit on watch...

I never had a LEGO dragon, so I had to compile it from two different coloured dragons borrowed from my friends. But i think that this dark-green-black dragon look cool and "marshy" :-).

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