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Heroica Storage Case

Custom storage case for Heroica. Uses slots for "standardized" construction parts (2x4, 2x8 connectors, 4x4, 6x6 plates, etc...) seen in the main sets. Contains insertable lift assistants for parts and also slots for the Hero Packs, a custom lifepoint and gold holder and a custom shop with slide out drawer.

I wanted to create a elaborate design on the lid but stuck with a basic title piece for now. I also still need to update the shop so it can hold items for show.

Comments, criticism, suggestions. Please let me know what you think.

One thing also, I know it used way too many pieces and I should've went for an even width for easier parts usage. Still need to see how to make it more durable and accessible using less pieces.

This is the bottom of the box. Each slot is color coded and fitted for specific parts. There is also a slot to hold 2 die and another for 8 hero packs.

These are the lift assistants/containers and the custom shop in the order that they would fit into the box.

This is the custom shop. Closes up for storage and contains a pull out drawer for extra weapons and a chest for armor pieces. Will try to fit in items and more drawer space.

This is the top of the cover. Slides right over the bottom, has a slot so that the top and bottom fits in snuggly. Tried to be a little artistic with the sides and wanted to be elaborate on top but stayed with a simple title piece for now.

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