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Medieval Town Hall


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The Town Hall of Brickenstein is the pride of the capital of the Eastern province of the Kingdom, dispaying the cities wealth with its beautifully ornamented walls and its unique clock tower, attracting visitors from distant lands. 

Medieval, especially gothic architecture always amazed me, and I always thought that it would be cool if we had more Lego sets about this era. This is an original build depicting an early gothic style Central European town hall. The tower with the two clocks was heavily influenced by the one found in Prague. A small merchant's stand can be found amidst the western wall (if the front is considered the south) and the tower to bring colour and a hint of everyday life to this solemn building.

There are not many sets in the castle/medieval themes depicting the aspects of civil life and civil buildings in the middle ages, so, I think that this set would be of great value for Lego castle theme enthusiasts.

The roof can be taken off in one piece revealing a detailed interior, where a clerk and a scribe aids the Mayor in running the city and keeping count of the city's treasury. The set contains 7 minifigures: the Mayor, 2 halberd militia guards, a city clerk, a monk scribe, a merchant and a commoner.

This is a fairly advanced build and an extensive model of 2845 parts, thus, this set is aimed at the adult audience and experienced builders.

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