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Green Fountain


Some days ago I imagined to be in a park, during summer. It was a sunny place, but rich of water, full of flourishing plants. Along the road there was a fountain, a sort of check point for people who walked there. It is composed by warm colours rocks and full of water plants. The structure of the fountain is peculiar: on the top part there are fluxes that run down by several pools, and finally inside the big pool in the bottom side, that is full of water plants. The fountain is also a double face structure: the rear side has a point where people can easily drink fresh water or fill their bottle. This creation can be placed also in some abandoned temple inside a jungle, or something like this. Rocks, plants, water, a set that could be inserted almost anywhere in a Lego diorama. May be also your imagination could be inspired, suggest me where to place it and how to update. It'll be interesting to insert it in a big park diorama. Tubes are dark grey colored to make a distinction and to represent a heavy metal, typical of ancient fountains. Any comment you'll do in the comment section will be in plenty light of sun!  I hope you'll enjoy. 




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