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Cabin by the Waterfall

About the Creation
The LEGO creation that I made is a log cabin that is located right next to a waterfall that includes a spiral staircase leading up to the top of the waterfall where your imagination can take over!

Why I Built It
Lego's have always been one of the most fun pastimes to me as a child and still bring me so much joy to create with them. I built this because I have always  loved waterfalls and how soothing yet powerful they are. The outdoors in general have always interested me and I always love seeing new Lego sets including an outdoor theme. The cabin fit in perfectly with my creation because what's more fun than imagining having a log cabin next to a massive waterfall making everyday an adventure! 

Why it would be a great LEGO set
Creating this brought me so much joy that I feel other kids of all ages who love the outdoors and to create their own adventures in their heads would love to build and imagine with this Lego set.

Also Includes:
  • Telescope on top of the waterfall
  • Fishing pole 
  • Boat 

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