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Hobbit Hole in the Shire

Welcome back fellow builders! I decided to make a hobbit hole for my newest submission. I hope you enjoy it!

This "Hobbit Hole In The Shire," is not Bag End, but it is the hole of Greble Brandybuck. Yeah, I know, you probably don't remember him. I created this character. He is some relative of Meriadoc Brandybuck. The model also includes his neighbor, Arnold, who is a pig farmer. Let's talk about the house itself. Though it might look like Bag End at first glance, there are many differences; there are only two windows on the house, the front wall is made of stone, there is no landscaping, and I could name more. The door of the hole is mostly for display as it is not easily opened or closed. Once you enter the door you will find yourself looking at a large open room containing a cozy, warm fire place with a checkered rug and chairs drawn up to it, a table containing various items, a crate containing a dried fish, and a barrel. There are many more rooms in Greble's actual house, but I only displayed the front room. That's about all for the inside. Let's head outside. I thought that putting an aspen-looking tree on the outside would give it a nice unique touch. I also thought that making a fence and mail box, like at Bag End, would give the model a nice touch as well. As you can see, I first built the hill by stacking bricks and plates on top of each other, then put slopes, studs, and plant pieces on top of that. I also made protrusions on the sides making the hobbit hole look set into the hill.

That's it! Thanks for sticking around y'all!

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