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The Lunar House of the Future

The home of the future on the moon.
I like LEGO houses with all the details and play options. As a child one of my first constructions was a house, I have it in a photo, that’s why I remember it.
I think it would be a good LEGO set as it is a novel house model. There is already the tree house, the beach house, the family house ... but not a house to live on the moon. In the future you will be able to live on the moon and it is time to imagine what it would be like. My idea is more focused on the home of the future on the moon, with its robot pet, bedrooms ...

The lunar house consists of a chamber with two hermetic doors for decompression. It has a capsule inside that rotates to enter the house.
Two astronauts with a pet robot
The car includes a robotic arm.
Large window to see the stars from the room.
Colored recycling bins to protect the environment.

I hope you like the idea of ​​the future that I believe will be a reality in a few decades, until then let’s imagine how they will be from the present.

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