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The Naira Diaries, Horse-back Escape


Her current name was Ella but she still prefers her original name, Naira. She’s a human girl. That’s the only feature about her she can think of that never changes. Her age was 9. That only changes every year. She was forced to leave her parents on her 7th birthday. They had all known it would happen. But she didn’t have time to think about that now. She had to be ready for the battle. She had to remember her training. She had to be ready.

​This is a 517 piece project of a scene from my unpublished children's series, the Naira Diaries. 517 is Naira's number in the series. It features 3 characters; Naira, Rebecca, and Jasmine; 3 villainous stray-catchers; and Buttercup, Rebecca's horse. Also features:

​A field which features 3 small hills, a tree, some leaves and lots of moss. 339 pieces.

Jasmine's car with horse-trailer. Car features opening roof. Horse-trailer features opening back with lowering ramp, and removable roof. Car and horse-trailer can detach from each other. 124 pieces

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