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Scooby Doo Pixel Art


I thought it would be cool to do a pixel art with Legos, and Scooby Doo seemed to be an easy choice. This set comes with a Scooby Doo pixel art, with a frame decorated with the other members of the mystery gang;

  • Daphne is holding her not-so-famous hand bag in which she has everything from spare shoes, to makeup, to loose change floating around in there.
  • Shaggy is holding a hamburger. Not the super awesome three foot hamburger that Scooby always steals, but instead a small hamburger, but now that I had the thought of that, there might a be a future update.
  • Fred is holding a flashlight. Not really much to say here.
  • Velma is holding a magnifying glass, as she is the smart one, and is the one who usually has one.

If you have any ideas to make this set better, than please tell me.

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