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I wanna drive the LEGO Zamboni!


Frank Zamboni was the inventor and developer of the world's first ice resurfacing machine back in 1949. As the machine is slowly driven forward, a top layer of "rough" ice is shaved and collected. Then, water is evenly laid down to fill in remaining grooves and allowed to freeze, creating a smooth sheet of fresh ice. 

These LEGO Models are a tribute to the iconic Zamboni machine. Here I have presented a set of two, decorated with the logos and colours of 2 NHL teams.

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("Zamboni" song by the Gear Daddies, video by habsman102's channel)


Approximate Dimension (each vehicle): Length 13.5 cm x Width 7.0 cm x Height 8.0 cm
Number of pieces (each vehicle w/ minifig): 225


This model was built using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). Some of the main features include:

  • A large front cabin for collecting shaved ice and storing water
  • Rear conditioner paddle with worm gears as horizontal augers
  • Driver side retractable rotary brush for collecting shavings accumulated from rink edges
  • Driver area with seat, steering wheel, dashboard, and coffee cup
  • fuel tank, headlights, and front "Zamboni" decal

The models presented are decorated with colours and logos of 2 National Hockey League teams: the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. Dating back to 1917, the rivalry between the hockey teams of Canada's two largest cities is the oldest and arguably greatest in all hockey. Of course, these models can easily be customized for other colour / décor schemes!

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