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R2D2 Mecha Suit for R2D2


R2D2's mech R2D2

Everybody needs a giant mech. Thats right, even the beloved droid from the Star wars franchise deserves his own giant mech. Now the 1st question you might be asking is why? well I could go on and on about having upgraded sensors, a higher vantage point, and even more RAM, but the real reason is...cause why the heck not?

R2D2 (the mini-fig) Attaches to the bottom of the giant R2D2 and becomes his 3rd leg. so its like inception in physical form.

Set Features:
The giant mech r2d2's head rotates (something mini R2D2 cant do without upgrades)
and the side legs tilt.

Set Includes:

  1. R2D2 Minifig
  2. R2D2 mech attachment (giant r2d2)

This is definitely the droid you are looking for!....well at least one of them anyway.


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