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Among Us Emergency Meeting

I know this is small, but it can be used in bigger sets or be used as a poly bag. The Among Us characters have a lot of detail. One thing I like about them is the visors. The hats make each character unique. This set really portrays Among Us. The emergency button plays a huge part in Among Us. I mean you want to bust the imposter, right? This picture shows an Among Us character pushing the emergency button.

I built this because I absolutely love Among Us and this is one of my favorite parts of the game. It's where excitement comes in. Lying, and voting people out. I believe this would be a great Lego set, as a poly bag or used in larger Among Us sets. Who wouldn't want to buy that? Among Us is very popular and this Lego idea is the closest to what the game really is. It is small, but an important part of Among Us Legos if you do any. Among Us Legos is exactly what we need! Tons of people would want it, because Among Us is very popular. And this Among Us emergency meeting can play a big part in that. 

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