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MacGyver's Jeep Wranglers


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Over the seasons, MacGyver had several vehicles, but probably the most memorable were his Jeeps. He had three different ones: a Jeep Cherokee Chief, and two Wranglers: one hard top, and one open top.  In a way, he had more than three Jeeps.  There are slight differences in some episodes, but he really only had three.  

This set contains MacGyver's hardtop and open top Jeep Wranglers and a MacGyver minifigure.

In total, the set is made up of 243 pieces: the hardtop model contains 122, the open top 117, and the MacGyver minifigure 4.  This is a resubmission of my original MacGyver's Jeep project, which had only the open top model.

If you would like to see a MacGyver LEGO set (or Jeep set), please consider supporting this project. (Following would be greatly appreciated as well.)  Thanks!

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