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Outpost-12 is a small outpost with limited defenses. The tower spans into the planet to a depth of 100 meters to explore and mine metals that can be significantly stronger than any found on Earth. Everyday is a challenge to survive near the abandoned ruins the Crusaders fled from over 100 years ago. Since then only outlaws travel this land. However, one Crusader spotted Outpost-12. It cataloged everything it had seen to its bio-mechanical memory drives. After reaching a Crusader city, the single Crusader proposed his allowance to return to his home in exchange for all the information he had gathered on Outpost-12. The city leaders immediately ordered an airstrike on the site. A desperate operation to eliminate all hostiles. But the humans will not go down without a fight!

-Rocket explosion over turning a Rover.
-Lasers exploding a Crusader Attack Ship.
-Tank engaged in combat with another Crusader Attack Ship.
-Heavily armored and weaponized Tower.
-Crusader killing a human.
-Many humans running into combat.
-Crusader skeleton.

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