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Chaosville the Board Game


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The gameplay
Chaosville is the latest project of an eccentric billionaire. He has specific demands on how the town should be constructed, and he wants you to produce a micro LEGO Chaosville right now. If your model turns out good enough, he will turn it into a real town, and you will get a building of your choice as a thank you.
In the game, you will be working together. Each turn, you will be rolling dice to see what requirement the billionaire's currently thinking of. Then you will build the locations in a way that satisfies the demand or suffer the consequences.
At the end of the game, you count up your points and see how successful you were.

The builds
The game consists of a modular board, locations, and LEGO dice. Everything is built with simple building techniques to ensure stability and easy mending (if needed).
The board is made out of 5 modules that can easily be rearranged into many different configurations. The board shape does not affect the rules of the game, but an unusual design will make it harder for the players to win.
There are 1-5 instances of each of the 16 different locations in the game. But, since no two sites are exactly the same, Chaosville has a total of 29 unique micro builds. This ensures a fully functioning town. My personal favorites include the bigger school, the houses, and the alien landing site.

The game's journey
I've started working on this game approximately 5 years ago. The rules "wrote themselves," but the game pieces needed an excellent implementation. That's where LEGO came in. Once I found a way to make the board modular and easy to play with, I built all of the locations. A few more rounds of playtesting and the game was done.
Now, I can't imagine the game not being made out of LEGO pieces. The mechanics of the game just click so well with the LEGO system and the finished board looks charming.

Fun facts
- the built-up standard gameboard fits nicely in a standard board game box
- you can play the game solo or with up to 5 friends
- the game plays in 10-20 minutes
- quick to set-up and clean-up (under 3 minutes!)

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