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Micro Turbos

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The Star Wars theme has had success with a mini line of vehicles. My proposal is to release a micro scale of Tiny Turbos vehicles. A new mini tire is proposed that fits onto a round 1x1 plate. See this proposal at my original project. A few other new pieces inspired by curved slopes are introduced to create specific shapes. These are shown at the aforementioned idea.

The wheel connection on the monster truck is similar to that shown in my other project but uses the 1x2 plate with technic pin hole under and an extant tire between two 1x1 round plates. Once the original wheel design was conceived, the monster truck idea seemed only natural.

Further, two more pieces in addition to the previously mentioned ones are proposed. The 1x3 sloped curve is shown for comparison. The middle piece is a 2x2x1 curved slope with no studs. This is similar to an existing part but is simpler in design. The third piece is a 2x2x2/3 curved slope. Both these curved slopes can be seen in the proposed vehicles.

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