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Car Crash!


What happens when a Lego car crashes? It rarely gets damaged, and doesn't look good unless you pull it to pieces and then you cant move it easily. That is why I have made this set, as a single item crashed car.

The car itself is a red sports car. It can take two passengers (when not in the crashed build) and has street tires. The modifications to make it crashed involve making the front dented and crumpled and adding an airbag. The car in this set has crashed into a tree, but you could have two cars crash into each other.

To add more play-ability into the set, I have included an ambulance, a fire and rescue vehicle, and a police officer on a bike. The two supplementary vehicles are not necessary in the design shown, but that is how I would like them to be.

The ambulance has room for two people (driver and paramedic) as well as someone on a stretcher. The paramedic has two first aid kits/machines, which can be slotted in next to her seat.

The fire vehicle is a Ute with a tool section on the back. It is able to tow a trailer, which carries more tools. A circular saw and fireman's axe are stored on the back of the trailer, connected to the removable interface/computer. The Ute comes with a range of tools, which can be stored in the 4 toolboxes (cupboards and postboxes). The Ute and trailer come with off-road tires.

The policeman is someone who I shall be adopting as a sort of mascot. I have named him 'Frederick "Gotcha" Williamson', and I hope to include him in as many sets as possible. In this set he has a bike to ride. He also has his badge.


Please support, and comment any criticism so that I can fix things for future versions.

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