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Sporting Goods Store


About This Project:

This project idea is a sporting goods store with a removable roof for easy access inside. Inside the front door and to the left are the mannequins display various sports and equipment that is sold in the store. Beside that against the wall are a couple surfboards on display. Beside that is another display with basketballs and a skateboard on it. Along the back wall of the store is the bike rack and a soccer net with a soccer ball and a little turf square to try out the soccer equipment. Above the soccer net is the hat display. Beside that is the back door and the employee's coffee machine and mini fridge with some drinks inside. Then there is the checkout with another small hat display on it. Behind the checkout on the wall are some basketball jerseys on display as well as a snowboard. There is a mother buying her son a volleyball inside the store as well as the store's clerk helping the customer. Out back behind the store is the back alley with the garbage can and loading dock.

Play Features:

  • The roof is removable for access inside.


  • Everything that is shown in the pictures including minifigures and minifigure accessories.

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Happy Building.



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