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Italian Locomotive Class E 326


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Italian Locomotive Class E 326

This is my version of the Italian FS Class E 326 locomotive.

The E 326 were introduced in the early 1930s, for hauling passenger trains at relatively high speed. During the tests the locomotives reached a top speed of 140 Km/h, but reliability problems caused in 1936 the reduction of the maximum speed to 105 Km/h.

In the course of World War II, all the 12 units produced were damaged by Allied bombings. They returned into service in 1949 with light modifications, including this new brown color scheme.

The maximum speed was further reduced to 90 km/h in the 1960s. The E 326s were retired from service starting in the 1970s, and demolished. Today only one unit survives, preserved in the National Railroad Museum of Pietrarsa, near Napoli.

The model includes interesting snot solutions and details that make it similar to the real one. I must remove the photo of the real locomotive, because I found it on Google. I've got no possibility to go to Napoli to take a photo. You can find images of the real locomotive in internet to make a comparison.

Includes 670 parts and two minifigs.

I'm waiting for the parts to build the locomotive, so if You want to see it, remember to follow the project. I will add images to the update section.

Here i try to reproduce a piece of Italian train history in a toy version. I hope You like and support it.

This locomotive could be a great addiction to any Lego City.

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