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Medieval Festival

I have created a medieval festival using 1051 pieces.
This set features 16 minifigures.

In the centre of it is a jousting area where two rival knights are preparing to take part.

On one side of the jousting area is a platform for the king to watch the tournament as well as two seating stands for fans of the knights to watch.

The other side of the jousting area has 4 market stalls, each selling a different type of item.
Stall 1 - This is a food stall that is run by the kingdoms master chef.
Stall 2 - This is an armoury selling weapons that is run by an expert Dwarven blacksmith.
Stall 3 - This stall sells magical trinkets and is run by the king's Grand Wizard.
Stall 4 - The final stall is a bakery stall selling a variety of pastries and it is run by the king's jester.

I built this as I enjoy anything medieval and miss the retired themes like kingdoms and castle. I also like colourful sets so I did my best too make this a colourful one where it was possible.

I believe this would make a great set as it comes with a variety of minifigures and a variety of different roles for the minifigures to take on. You will truly be able to let your imagination go wild.

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