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The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse
This is a LEGO creation, inspired by the botanical gardens like those found in Kew, London. I tried to bring all of the plant and flower pieces together under one LEGO roof! There are a lot of windows in this set, and that allows plenty of light. It also allows one a glimpse of the colourful inside from outside the rather plain house itself. The ceiling is easily removable, thanks to the handle-structure on the top of the House. This is demonstrated in one of the photos. I used Bricklink's Studio to make this, and to generate the images.

Greenhouse with three main exhibits. One is a fruit and vegetable patch, another is a water feature, and the third is a palm and pineapple section. Next to the third is an array of flowers, which serves as a play feature, for there is a tap that can move left to right and right to left, to mimic the watering of the flowers. There is also a small section of the house towards the back, which is where the gardener keeps his tools, potted plants and a nice mug of coffee. There are also two mini-figures; a gardener and a visitor- who likes to take photos!

Why did I build this?
I built this because I wanted to make a set that combined a man-made structure with organic plants- a contrast of the natural and the non-natural. Making use of bricks in new ways to make things like the pine tree was very enjoyable, and it was great to bring to life a system in which food is grow. 

As a LEGO set
I hope that others share my view that this would make a great LEGO set, for I think it would look great as a display piece, due to it's structure and interior colours. It is also a play set, as the plant patches can be re-designed, and the players can help the gardener with his tasks.

Thank you!
Thank you for any support and feedback you can give, it's very appreciated! I am very proud of this creation, and I hope it can go a long way.