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Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour


“Baby let the games begin!”

With this lego set you can recreate Taylor Swift’s amazing Reputation stadium tour from “Ready for it..” to “This is why we can’t have nice things”. The main build consists of the main stage with a giant video wall with a “rep” slide and a slide with Taylor’s face on it. The video wall can be opened, closed and separated into sections to match its real life counterpart. There are also two b-stages which are connected to the main stage by technic beams. The following props are included to recreate each individual song:

- 1 tilted stage

- Karyn the inflatable cobra

- 2 giant drums

- 1 constellation gondola

- 2 inflatable snake heads and tails

- 1 snake skeleton gondola

- 1 grand piano

- additional plates to create a landscape on the video wall

- 1 fountain

- 4 spring loaded shooters to imitate fireworks

There are also 22 minfigures included in this set:

- 6 Taylor Swifts in different outfits with accessories

- 4 backup singers (two for each outfit)

- 6 backup dancers (three men and three women) (two for each costume)

- 3 band members (two bass players and one drummer) with accessories

- Charli XCX

- Camila Cabello

- Tiffany Haddish (Even though she doesn’t make a physical appearance in the show, I thought it would be easier to include her as a mini figure than as a separate video wall slide)

I also decided to include Taylor’s cats, Olivia and Meredith, for the same reason I included Tiffany.

If you like this set and would like to have it, support it, and if there’s anything you would like me to add or change, please inform me in the comments.