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Lindsey Stirling's Tour Bus


Innovative dancing violinist, Lindsey Stirling, is constantly on tour. Her unique blend of classic violin, rock, dub step, and modern dance has warmed the hearts of many. First appearing on America's Got Talent and later taking Youtube by storm, musician Lindsey Stirling has brought an exciting fresh new feel to music.

Lindsey Stirling's Tour Bus
686 pieces.
The Tour Bus has many details, including license plates, lights, side mirrors, and under carriage details.
The roof is removable for a look on the inside. Featuring sofas, a table, a refrigerator, bunk beds, and a wash room with a sink.

Set includes Lindsey Stirling, Gavi, and Drew.

Lindsey's other band members, Gavi and Drew, travel with her around the world ready to make awesome music. Lindsey has her violin, bow, case. Gavi comes with two keyboards, and Drew has his drum set and drum sticks.

The Tour Bus is over 9 inches long and accurate to the one used by Lindsey Stirling and her band while traveling on the road. The Tour Bus has both front and back license plates, lights, side mirrors, and under carriage details.

Remove the roof for a look on the inside. The interior has two sofas, a table, an end table with mug, a refrigerator, 4 sleeping bunks, and a back wash room complete with cupboards and sink.

Finally the set includes a storage trailer to haul the band's equipment. It attaches to the back of the bus and has room for all of their instruments.

The 'set' was designed by me based off of the actual people mentioned and their equipment used. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy and support this project.

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