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Ultra Space Driver 5000 & Bandit Pursuit Droids


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Get ready to speed through space in the Ultra Space Driver 5000, whilst being chased by Pursuit Droids sent by the treacherous Galactic Bandits. The ship is equipted with a high energy pulse driver, and operated by the most skilled pilots in the galaxy. Tem Fore, the ultimate pilot aided by powerful cyborg technology. Forspa Fore, Tem's sister and an intelligent young woman who is skilled at problem solving and ship fixing. Nox, a being from the planet Hispovum, who can use his amplified ultrasound to stun enemies. And finally Murb, a robotic assistant who controls the ship and helps with certain tasks. The ship is able to open up, where there is room to sit the figures inside, and panels can be removed with ease if desired, to simulate battle damage. This set contains 474 pieces and is reccomended for ages 7 and up. An ideal price range for this set would be around 60-70 dollars. Thanks for supporting the project, and make sure to share it with others!

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