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Bathroom Accessories Gift Set

This stunning bathroom accessory gift set includes:
  • A round bar of fragrant handmade lavender body soap on a chrome gold plated dish, presented with bubbles and lavender flowers
  • A rectangular bar of gentle pomegranate face soap on a bespoke chrome gold plated dish, presented with bubbles
  • Refreshing tea tree hand soap in a luxurious pump dispenser with gold chrome accents
  • Two alternate Dead Sea salt body scrubs in stoppered glass bottles, with either desiccated marigold or rose petals
  • A soothing chamomile essential oil dropper
  • Three freshly lit passion fruit scented tea lights
  • A pearl white vase of dried lavender and lagurus ovatus 'Hare's Tail' grass
  • A cascading live dichondra 'Silver Falls' plant in a striped, turquoise pot
  • A beautiful floating white lotus,
all made from LEGO - yes, LEGO!

I made this set as a relaxing Sunday afternoon puzzling experience to unwind at the end of a work week. Its soothing pastel colours, gentle curves and evocative sense of opulence is designed to push newcomers' expectations of what LEGO can be.
  • With technic pins, jumper plates, ice cream scoops, varied panels and organic plant shapes, it contains a wide variety of LEGO pieces and only one (yes, one!) traditional brick. The reason I have chosen to showcase non-traditional LEGO pieces is to serve as an appetiser for adults to experience the breadth of what LEGO has to offer and be inspired by how extremely varied elements can integrate into a creative 'Adults Welcome' experience. This approach is based on my own experience of suddenly becoming an avid LEGO creator as a young woman after experiencing a set that showcased how LEGO can offer much more than just studded bricks.
  • I have also chosen lesser-known colours including chrome, transparent and pearl to again showcase the breadth of LEGO's possibilities and increase the visual appeal of the set, with cost savings from the smaller piece count redirected to ensuring the set's realism.

  • I think this set would suit fans of the popular LEGO Botanicals series, including new and familiar builders.
  • The feminine tone and subject of the set reflects my personal passion to see more young women like me experience, access and even design LEGO creations. I think this set makes a direct aesthetic appeal to women from the shelf or could make a lovely gift for a beloved woman in your life who wouldn't buy a spaceship or a castle but might try a relaxing and pretty afternoon project. Like me, she might just get hooked on LEGO! The colours and subject of this set are currently unique and would make a lovely gift for a mother, wife, grandmother, teacher - so you can reach out and share with her what LEGO can be!
  • The set is of an achievable difficulty for first-time LEGO builders who may not yet be willing to commit to a larger or more complex set. My hope is that it will appeal to an unreached market so that everyone can discover and share the joy of LEGO.

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