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Battle In Rohan

This set is based on the scene in The Two Towers, when Sauroman's warg mounted orcs attack the riders of Rohan on their way to Helm's Deep. In my opinion this scene is very important because Aragorn is nearly killed when he falls off a hill and into a river. If you look closely you can find a little gray pice sticking out of the hill. If you pull on it out will come a piece with gold coins on it.

This is a back view of the set. (I added the uruk-hai for color) You can clearly see the river in this picture. I took some good advice and made the water textured ( this advice was from Keeli101)

This is one of the coolest things about this set, the fact that you can send Aragorn off his horse and into the river. This is a picture of him riding his horse.

If you press down medium-hard on the back part of the 2 by 4 1/3 plate that the horse is on you can send our hero off his horse and into (onto actually) the river.

This is a "Nazgul" eye view of the set.

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