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Cinema Fans: Academy Awards


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Who does not know the Oscar awards?
Who has never dreamed of having one?
I decided to design this set as a result of the 2015 Oscars award ceremony. Statuettes were distributed among the attendees, which were a success.
Nathan Sawaya, an artist specializing in building impressive Lego figures, was the one who designed them. They were fantastic but I thought they could be done with more detail.
On the one hand, to say that this set is made up of two different parts: the statuette itself and a small stage with two minifigures that represent the delivery ceremony.

It was very difficult to make a realistic design but I managed to find the balance between design and stability. This statuette respects a 1:1 scale and is solid to be able to hold it as if it were the real thing.
On the other hand, who said that a great set of lego ideas has to have thousands of pieces?
This set consists of 847 pieces, of which 773 correspond to the statuette and 74 to the stage with the minifigures.
I consider this set to be a great opportunity to have a fairly realistic reproduction of the Oscar statuette, as well as a multitude of metallic gold colored pieces and many others contained in the set.

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