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Solomon's Temple

In the year 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign as king. 13 years later in 957 BC, the temple his father dreamed of was completed.

This set is a near accurate rendition of the first temple, including features like:
The Molten Sea
The Great court
10 Lavers and bases
The bronze pillars Jachin and Boaz
The outside altar
The Ark of the Covenant
The bread of presence
The Altar of incense
The Veil
Three stories high
Storage rooms

Complete with over 2400 pieces, a removable second story roof to see the golden inside of the temple, and removable side and back walls on the first floor to access the storage rooms, this set was built in order to bring some lost historical architecture back to life. As legendary as Atlantis, as beautiful as the City of Gold, and as important as Buckingham Palace, this elegant set would make a great decoration piece for any home.

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