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Killer Croc's Lair


This is a Lego Batman Killer Croc's Lair replica!

Killer Croc's Lair is a very famous part of the Batman movies. The iconic lair with lot of crocodiles, junk, and the mighty Killer Croc. Who is going to stop him? That depends on you! Now you can recreate this Lego Batman Killer Croc's Lair replica with this set!

I am a huge fan of this movie. I have spent a lot of hours and days at designing this project, ordering/buying the real Lego bricks, taking the best photos, and make it as best as I could.

  • This set was made by HotRodCreations (me)
  • It is made out of real Lego Bricks
  • Please support this project! Thank you for your support!

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