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Granny´s Lovely Townhouse


Granny Helen spent nearly her entire life in this vintage house. At first, her home was full of life as her husband George and her son Paul were living here with her. But after years full of joy and happiness, her husband George died suddenly. Paul moved out several months later to join University far from home.

Since then, old Granny Helen is living a quiet and sometimes lonely life. She spends a lot of time in her little garden and loves baking for her only son if he is around.

Her neighbor Neil, who is a classic gentleman, fell in love with her at first sight.

On a warm summer evening, Helen invites him over to enjoy the beautiful sunset on her cozy veranda.

This is the perfect chance for Neil to tell Helen, how he feels about her. For sure, he will do it with a romantic love letter.

Hopefully, they will live happily ever after…

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