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Home Base (Clash of Clans)

Build your home base to protect against all enemy invaders. Set up your Town Hall in the center of your village, then build around it to protect it. Set up some Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines, as well as Elixir Storage and Gold Storage to build up your wealth. Make sure to have some defenses too. Finally, set up walls to keep your base secure and protected.

This model is comes with a base that includes a 24 x 24 area that can be customized in any way with the various models and builds. Those builds can be moved around and positioned to set up any base.

This includes:
Town Hall - 1
Cannon - 2
Archer Tower - 2
Gold Mine - 2
Gold Storage - 2
Elixir Collector - 2
Elixir Storage - 2
Wall Units - 56

The set also comes with four minifigures: Barbarian, Archer, Wall-Breaker, and Goblin.

I hope you enjoy this model! Happy building!

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