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~~The Lake District in the north-west of the UK has been an inspiration for many writers. This model has transported the Lake District homes of Beatrix potter and William Wordsworth, and the Post Office in Kendal where John Cunliffe sought inspiration for the Postman Pat stories, to a lake shore as a writers’ corner.

Beatrix Potter is shown at her Hill Top Cottage which was in Near Sawrey. Some of her favourite characters, Peter Rabbit, Diggory Delvet, Miss Moppet, Squirrel Nutkin are having tea on a Lily Pond by the lakes’ edge. Old Brown Owl is looking to go for a sail in a rowboat.

William Wordsworth is shown at his Dove Cottage, which was in Grasmere. Outside the cottage we can see Wordsworth in a field of daffodils, capturing the moment when he had the inspiration for his most famous poem, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ – sometimes simply referred to as ‘Daffodils’.

The Beast Banks Post Office in Kendal is where John Cunliffe spent time talking to the staff and learning about the life of a postman in the Lake District before writing the ‘Postman Pat Stories’. John Cunliffe lived in a terraced house on Greenside just a few houses away from the Post Office. The Post Office is shown with Pat and his Post Van. His companion Jess, the black and white cat, has decided to warm himself on the bonnet of the van. (Unfortunately I have not been able to find a two tone cat so in this picture it is just a black cat).

Stickers – To complete the model fully will require stickers to properly show signs on Pat’s van and the signs on the Post Office.

Dimensions – The model sits on a base that is 80 x 48 and has 2244bricks. To reduce individual model cost Lego could offer this as three separate models. This could then be the start of a collection of writers homes and the works.

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