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Vacation Yacht


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This year take a trip on the all new yacht.

The yacht comes with a bed for those nights at sea, on top of the boat is the driving cab with all the computers and navagation for driving the vessel. A cake is provided for the passanger along with some juice. This dream yatch is everything that you could dream of and more. sail the seven seas with the four passanger yatch (including captin). with six computers your captin will never get lost and wreck the boat on a dessert island. with four large windows you can take in the views and breath the fresh sea breeze. At the dock you can fuel up with the fuel opening on the side next to the three circle lights. The table will also turn into a bed for extra sleeping space.

The reason that I am submiting this poject is because I know that together we can make this a real lego set. I hope to see this at the lego stores by 2018 and if you agree with me please support this project and tell your freinds. And don't forget to let me konw what updates I should do to this project to make it better.

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