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ACE Hardware Store


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Normally I design Australian stores, etc., this time the USA gets the Lightningtiger treatment.

One of the many hardware chains in the USA is ACE Hardware, they are the typical mom & pop stores right up to big box stores.

This is built on two 16x16 light bluey grey plates, a large sticker is being used for the front sign and a special sticker showing the opening hours. There are two minifigs including an ACE stickered torso sales person.

High resolution stickers are used as merchandise on the displays, mainly builders hardware (hinges/security) and plumbing (faucet/toilet repair).

Behind the counter is the paint tinting and key cutting offered by most if not all hardware stores.

No roof is being used, though could be added it required as also to make twice or three times as large in a modular form.

Though currently the parts count is under 700 parts and would put this easily into the 100 dollar US price bracket.

So if you like this design please support and follow, also feel free to make suggestions or requests.

Thank you for reading and Brick On everyone ! 

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