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Yummy Chocolate Cake!


Original Description, and a Link

Before this project became a project, I posted it on the LDD Gallery. Here is the original description for this cake:

I planned on building this on Cake Day, but at the time, LDD did not have the new 1x1 brick with 2 knobs in the corner. So, I emailed LEGO and requested them to put this into the LDD. My request was heard today! So here it stands proudly...

This Yummy Chocolate Cake is 125 pieces. The pieces of cake were built just like the ones I built when I thought of this idea. I also added a plate, a spatula, and wishing candles! Now blow them out!

PLEASE COMMENT! By cheesy. 2/10/2017

Also, you can click right about here in this spot to see that exact post I made to the LDD Gallery that day. Good bye! By cheesy. 1/9/2018

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